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For the most part I dread fall like most people dread Tetanus shots. It’s cold, it’s rainy, my nose starts running, my throat gets sore, and going for a run has turned into an avoided chore as opposed to a relaxing excuse to get outside. And don’t get me started on the staticy hair. But enough of my seasonal bellyaching. Fall does have its┬áplus sides, the most significant of which being: soup season! And I guess that whole leaf-changing thing is cool too.

Here are two soup recipes without which I’d never make it through the cold, dreary, bone-chilling months ahead. They keep me warm and happy, and almost make me forget my disdain for cold weather… almost.

Peanuty Sweet Potato Soup
The above smooth and creamy, peanut-buttery soup is made from pureed sweet potatoes, carrots, onions and red pepper, topped with a drizzle of maple syrup, sesame seeds and roasted sunflower seeds. I adapted my version from this Ellie Krieger recipe, my goal being to come as close as possible to the super popular West African Peanut Soup featured at Balasia. And let me tell you, I came pretty freaking close. So at the risk of accidentally sharing any of the Balasia chef’s secrets, I’ll just leave you with the above linked recipe, and let you go crazy with your own adaptations. I will say the crunchy seed toppings were a no-brainer for me, since there’s something about scallions that I just can’t get behind.

Curried Split PeaThis Curried Split Pea soup is spicy, flavorful and extremely hearty. Now when I hear the words “spilt pea soup” I don’t exactly pair them with adjectives like “delicious,” “exciting,” or “bursting with flavor.” However, I can assure you the following split pea soup recipe is indeed delicious, exciting, and positively bursting with flavor. I made this for a boyfriend for our anniversary (we decided to cook for each other instead of buying each other stuff). So I took a risky shot in the dark and attempted to make a pear and cheese ravioli from scratch, reminiscent of something we ate in Italy over the summer. The dessert was a no brainer – crazy ice cream. I scoured the internet for some recipes and decided on corn ice cream, and Parmigiano Regianno ice cream with a balsamic strawberry glaze. Those were a hit. The ravioli was quite good though my method could have used a little work; it was my first time rolling pasta so I had no clue what I was doing. But the split pea soup was the highlight of the evening! Who would have known. Now as with most recipes, here I tripled (sometimes quadrupled) the amount of spices called for. I just wasn’t going to get the kind of flavor I was looking for using 1/4 teaspoon of cardamon powder, so I threw in several teaspoons (ok that’s a lot more than quadrupled… svettupled perhaps?). Red pepper flakes and a good amount of salt (at the end of the cooking process, mind you) gave this soup an extra kick. The grated carrot garnish added a wonderful little burst of freshness. The cilantro was nonexistent since there’s nothing that grosses me out more than raw cilantro. I followed this Isa Chandra recipe almost exactly, aside from adding more spices than called for, and some extra heat with red pepper flakes.

Now, please excuse me as I go burrow under the covers and wait for spring.


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