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love eggplant (yes, yes we do!
crazy sushi pictures
goat stew
gambella in pictures
what is ethiopian food
why does a banana included in an ethiopi
reasons to love eggplant (there are so many)
lasagna sandwich
eggplant funny feeling in my mouth
ethiopian food good nasty
hawkshaw hawkins
ethiopia bleh
sushi pile
fourfoodies wordpress
bland gross vegetarian food
eggplant volcano recipes
cream cheese sushi is gross
ethiopian food is so gross
christmas lighting on ceiling
plastic flower hair pins

People really enter some funny stuff into search engines. If you have a Google toolbar on your browser somewhere, just start typing in some generalized, open-ended statements and you’ll see what I mean. Ok, here’s an example:

Why is...

Fun right? Ok, one more:

Sarah Palin is...

Anyway, one of the most entertaining activities surrounding this blog in my opinion is reading the terms that people search for, ending them up here. It’s usually stuff like “Sette Luna menu” or “Petra downtown Bethlehem” but often enough I end up with some pretty unreserved, precisely worded searches. Sometimes, these searches require further comment, in which case my thoughts are in italics.

love eggplant
we sure do!

eggplant funny feeling in my mouth

eggplant volcano recipes
I’m really not sure what this person was hoping to find ?

reasons to love eggplant
there are so many <3

crazy sushi pictures
I literally get this one multiple times each week, people are seriously interested in crazy sushi pictures.

sushi pile

cream cheese sushi is gross

lasagna sandwich
that sounds starchy and weird, and to the best of my knowledge I’ve never mentioned one, but ok.

ethiopian food good nasty
it’s good!

why does a banana included in an ethiopi

ethiopia bleh

ethiopian food is so gross
I don’t know who you people are, but you need to repent and step into the light. Ethiopian food is God’s gift to the palate.

hawkshaw hawkins

bland gross vegetarian food
well that’s certainly the last thing you’ll find here!!!!!!!

plastic flower hair pins
I mentioned a plastic flower hair pin once, parenthetically, months ago.

I promise there are food-related posts coming very soon. One (big surprise) Ethiopian restaurant, some Manhattan things and some Lehigh Valley things. Thanks for reading, and enjoy those crazy sushi pictures.


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I’ve heard from several people that the Spice India lunch buffet has been bordering lukewarm on more than one occasion. Now every time I’ve eaten there (which has literally been probably 40 Saturdays in a row) it’s been delicious. Perhaps not exactly piping hot, but I can (and do) eat Indian food straight up cold, right out of the fridge, so it never bothered me. But those of you who do mind room temperature Palak Paneer can now rest assured, last Saturday I noticed they replaced their dinky little heat candles with these new sort of all-encompassing electric warmers, and the food was positively piping hot.


ps a full-fledged Spice India review will be coming soon, as we think it’s a phenomenal restaurant and encourage everyone to check it out. It’s located at 2407 Mickley Ave. in Whitehall, just take the Schadt Ave exit off MacArthur Rd and follow the neon sign.

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Last Friday Jaime and I both had the day off and the weather was really
beautiful so we decided to go and check out Easton. Even though it’s only
15 – 20 minute drive from Bethlehem we never have the chance to make it
over there too much.

Our first stop and one that I was really looking forward to was the
Quadrant Book Mart and Coffee House. As you walk in you will see the
cafe to your left. They have a huge window that looks outside where you
can see trees and flowers. I ordered a chocolate danish and Jaime had
a croissant with butter. I also grabbed a small cup of coffee which was
called the “navigator”, described as sweet and smooth. I did enjoy the
coffee, I think if they had dosed a little more grounds for the brew it
would have been the perfect cup.

I also thought the cafe’s baked goods looked like they had been sitting there
a while as well. But overall we had a nice experience in the cafe and the lady
behind the counter was very friendly.

We made our way upstairs to a maze of books which I knew they weren’t really
organized and people were not kidding. We stumbled upon a lot of very old
yearbooks. They were really fun to look at and since I use vintage photos in
my art I would have bought a couple of them but they were priced a little above
what I was willing to spend. Once we reached the top of the stairs we had fun
exploring and looking around. I thought the place looked like it was really let
go. The ceilings above us were cracked with paint coming off, Jaime stepped
on a floor board that came up and almost hit her. I found that you could literally
see all the way to the first floor on certain parts where you walked.

I love used book stores and this one was fun but at the same time I thought if they
fixed the upstairs and just cleaned it up a bit it could be a great space. I just don’t
like finding floor boards with holes and spider webs all over the shelves.

We walked around a bit and finally wondered into Connexions Gallery.
We ended up hanging out there for a half an hour looking around at the art
and speaking with the owner Jenny. She was so friendly and told us about
all the great things happening in Easton. I spoke with her about the art
scene and what she has going on at the gallery. One of my favorite area
artists is having an artist talk on November 2nd. His name is Danny Moyer
and does collage work. The gallery also has different musicians and poetry
in their beautiful garden out back.

After we left we walked by Ocean. Jaime’s teacher from NCC was the
architect for this restaurant and we just had a peak inside and saw
how beautiful it was. I have not had their food just yet but really want to
check it out.

Setta Luna sits right next door and that is another place on my list.
The menu looked really interesting and above your average Italian restaurant.
They also have a Sunday / Jazz brunch from 4-9 which sounds like a lot of fun.

We were getting hungry and happened to come across Mex-Tex Trio on
3rd street. As we were peaking in the window a guy that worked said it
tasted amazing, the owner was from Mexico and used fresh ingredients.
We thought why not? As you walk inside the place feels warm with nice
dark wood tables and art on the walls. The person who talked us into
eating there ended up being our friendly waiter.

They start you out with a pretty good helping of fresh salsa that had
a smokey hint to it. He then offered us guacamole dip which was
amazing. I ordered a tamale, veggie taco and a enchilada trio. Jaime had a
veggie burrito and tamale. Our food was really delicious but since we ordered
the vegetarian option we thought it would have been nice if they had used
more peppers or veggies. But I would go back to Tex-Mex and over all we
had a good dining experience with an extremely friendly waiter.

Our day in Easton was eventful and fun. I was sad that I didn’t have the
time to eat at all the great new restaurants we saw. But there is always next time
and we promise to bring our camera so we can take pictures.


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