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Yellow curry tofu with coconut baked rice, caramelized onions, fennel roasted turnips and cauliflower.

Smooth, creamy West African Peanut Soup, topped with red bell pepper flakes, sunflower seeds and a touch of maple syrup.

Sesame Kale over vermicelli rice noodles with sweet and sour carrots.

5-Spice peanut tempeh over 5-spice stir fried brown rice.

Fried seitan over Indonesian coconut rice noodles and lemongrass.

Pesto quinoa with heirloom tomatoes, Cambodian cucumber soup, Coconut curried chickpeas, Sesame rice noodles with tamarind-thyme sauce…

The above menu was only part of the magic that was Saturday night’s buffet at The Honey Underground, the newest gastronomical venture of Vegan Chef Wendy Landiak, proprietor of Balasia – Green World Cafe.  Remember, that adorable little cafe in the victorian house on Chestnut Street in Emmaus?  Well, it moved about 6 miles down the road.  Still under the umbrella of Balasia, The Honey Underground is a vegan supper club located in Hereford, PA and open select Friday and Saturday evenings – you can check Balasia’s website for the weekly schedule or The Honey Underground’s facebook page  for more detailed updates about the menu, the hours, and who will be there ;P  I had the unforgettable experience of dining there last night at the most recent buffet (there have been several since The Honey Underground’s opening) and all I can say is “wow.”  It was everything I remember about Balasia, only better.  The flavor pairings have somehow become even more creative, if that’s even possible.  Every element to every single dish (and you know I tried them all!) went perfectly with everything else.  I was so disappointed when I started to get that annoying “full” feeling a plate and a half into the meal.  But enough of me gushing, I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves.

(Please excuse the highly mediocre phone quality of these pics)

papadams, asian slaw and sesame noodles

quinoa salad

salad + a frothy delicious drink

the hot bar station

cucumber salad

one delicious meal

The price for the buffet is $25, which for unlimited organic/local cuisine is pretty darn good.  There is also a dessert bar (unphotographed, sadly!) for an additional $5.  Iced teas and organic sodas are also available for an additional $2.

The Honey Underground is located at 1153 Gravel Pike in Hereford, PA.  You’ll miss it while driving by if you’re not careful, it’s in the very unassuming Hereford Fire Company building, with limited signage.  Call 484-330-6405 to make reservations, or if you have any questions about the food (the chef will accommodate most diets if you give her notice).

And, as listed on the website, if you can’t make it out to Hereford (though you really should try), you can find Balasia at the following farmers markets May through November:

Steelstacks Farmers Market
Southside Bethlehem
3pm – 7pm Tuesdays

Allentown Growers Market
at the PPL Plaza
11:30am – 1:30pm Wednesdays

Coopersburg at Bee Natural
21 North Main Street, Village Center
3:30pm – 7pm Thursdays

Macungie Farmers Market at Macungie Memorial Park
50 Poplar Street (along Walnut St side of the park)
4pm – 7pm Thursdays

There’s talk of these buffet nights becoming a monthly event… which might be the most exciting thing I’ve ever heard.  Disclaimer time: since I’ve been working with Wendy at some of the farmers markets she’s been doing this summer, this review might seem a little biased.  But I would never recommend a restaurant so highly if I didn’t really, truly, unconditionally love the food.  I’m just trying to spread the love :)


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