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Josh and I tried The Farmhouse a few weeks ago, after receiving several recommendations. We heard The Farmhouse offers expensive, fancy food in a slightly upscale environment. Now, on the fancy scale, I’d probably give our meal a 5 out of 10. It didn’t involve much we couldn’t make ourselves. The food was, however, very good. I opted for the only vegetarian dish on the menu, the Coconut Curry Tempeh. Occasionally, a single, lone veggie option on a menu disappoints me a little (we have to eat too, you know!) but something about The Farmhouse’s small menu conveyed confidence, and assurance. Along with the vegetarian option, only 5 or 6 other entrees were offered. I appreciate a small menu, I think focusing on several dishes, and executing them very well is more important than offering every dish known to man, trying to please every palate out there. I trusted that their one vegetarian option would be executed to perfection – and it just about was. The coconut curry sauce was sweet and flavorful, with hints of yellow curry, cinnamon, and maple syrup. It was almost borderline too sweet but the giant, grainy hunk of grilled tempeh provided a perfect balance to the sweetness of the sauce. A variety of chopped vegetables were piled under the tempeh. Chopped a little too small I think (it reminded me of those frozen bags of mixed veggies you’d buy at Redners), but delicious nonetheless.

Josh ordered the sea bass, which by itself was pretty dull, but the side dish that came with it was good enough to make up for this seasoning transgression. Mild little cheese dumplings on some sort of carrot creme fraiche sauce. Um, amazing!

Overall The Farmhouse was a great meal, and if you don’t mind shelling out a few extra bucks, it’s totally worth it.



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